Admissions Procedure


Vijay Kiran Group of Institutions firmly believes that children are change agents and welcome parents and students to our campus for admissions. There will be sessions on allotted days for an orientation and entrance tests. We firmly believe that all children possess specific intelligences in which they are strong. Consequently, admissions will be based on the proclivity of the student, especially creativity and critical thinking skills.

We have developed ‘assessment yardsticks’ which will be applied to determine the proclivity of each child. In the case of a transfer candidate from another school, admission will depend on their term assessment grades / predicted grades from that institution and on whether the curriculum done there matches the academic calendar of our school.

It is beneficial for families who reside overseas to schedule a prior appointment for a mutually convenient date and time.

When parents are convinced that this is the accurate school for their children, they are requested to submit the statutory documents and follow the procedure for us to consider their admission.

The admissions in our Schools is limited and we request the prospective parents to understand the selection process at VKGI.

VKGI Scholarship:

VKGI Scholarship is meted out to students who qualify as per the criteria given below:

  1. Consistently scores 80% for 2 years of Schooling in all tests and examinations.
  2. Parent income lies within 7-8 lakh per annum (both parents).
  3. Grade 9 – 11 need to score 85% and above for 3 years.
  4. Should be active in a minimum of 2 co- curricular activities.
  5. Discount of fee will be 5 – 10 % on tuition fee as long as the criterion are met.


Our Schools comprise:



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  1. Please fill in the Enquiry Form for Registration

  2. It is to be noted that is an age appropriateness that will be considered for admission to each class.
  3. Play Group 1 1 Year 8 Months as on 01 June of the Calendar Year
    Play Group 2 / Montessori 1 2 Years 7 Months as on 01 June of the Calendar Year
    LKG / Montessori 2 3 Years 7 Months as on 01 June of the Calendar Year
    UKG / Montessori 3 4 Years 7 Months as on 01 June of the Calendar Year
    Class 1 5 Years 5 Months as on 01 June of the Calendar Year

  4. The application form will need to be submitted with these documents:
    • Valid proof of age (attested Photocopy)
    • Marks sheets or Progress Report of the last three years (Not applicable for pre-primary)

  5. There will be a formal assessment and an interview. The respective dates will be notified and parents and children are requested to come in formal attire.
  6. The formal assessment will be as follows:

    Pre-School, KG & Montessori Informal assessments through an interaction
    Class 1 – Class 2 Informal assessments through an interaction
    Class 3 – Class 8 English, Mathematics & Science
    Class 9 & 11 English, Mathematics, Science & General Aptitude

    The written assessment will be conducted in the School premises and there is no specified syllabus for the test. 90 % of the written test will follow a multiple choice pattern till Class 5. Students need to come prepared with the necessary writing materials. The use of calculators is not permitted.

    An evaluation will be done based on the written test, previous years’ reports cards/marks sheets and the interview. The results for admission will be displayed at the Admission Cell a week after the Written assessment is conducted.

    An email or SMS will be sent to the recorded email id or phone number. Response to pressures from any quarter will be avoided in order to maintain our fair-minded admission policy.

  7. Subject choices:
    • EF (Early Foundation) – Please refer to FAQs
    • NCFE (National Centre for Excellence) – Please refer to FAQs on the attached link
    • ICE (International Centre for Excellence) – Please refer to FAQs

  8. When admission is granted the following documents need to be submitted:
    • Admission Consent Form
    • Medical History Form filled up with relevant details
    • Two Passport Size photographs of child and parents

  9. Withdrawals and Refund
    • Once admission is granted, no refund will be granted
    • If fees is not paid in time, a fine of 10% will be levied or the admission will stand cancelled
    • Withdrawals must be intimated by 10th April of the calendar year failing which the fee will be collected on pro rata basis
    • Only Central Government Employees can apply for withdrawals till 20th April and need to submit the Transfer Order

  10. Mode of Payment
  11. For EF

    • NEFT : For Playgroup, Kindergarten – LKG / UKG & Montessori – Mont 1, 2 and 3
    • Branch : HDFC Bank Ltd.
      A/C No : 50200011034541
      IFSC Code : HDFC0000184

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