Why Kindergarten

The Early Childhood Education community owes so much to Friedrich Frobel, the founder of Kindergarten. He truly pioneered Early Childhood Education and believed that boys and girls, rich and poor should be educated as one group. He encouraged children to observe the world round them and develop learning through activity and play. He coined the word Kindergarten for the play and activity institute he founded “Garden of Children”. Our approach to education emphasizes on ‘Self-Esteem’. This idea allows the child to be led by his or her own interests to freely explore themselves.

Pre-school education plays a very important role in the life of a child. The Kindergarten at Early Foundation lays emphasis on Froebel’s principle ‘learning through play’. Students are treated as individuals in their own right and their inborn talents are tapped and showcased early.

Social behavior is encouraged through interaction and group play. Creativity in children is encouraged through art and craft. Circle time, Rhymes and stories make it all the more fun at Kindergarten. Reading and writing are introduced systematically with phonetic sounds. Teachers in Kindergarten are professionally equipped and are a source of inspiration and encouragement.Each child in Kindergarten, Early Foundation is treated as an independent individual, who is Constantly encouraged to grow and flourish to reach greater heights.

Daily Protocols & Procedures

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