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Vijay Kiran has a legacy that helps us understand the needs of modern education system. The child is the most observant learner with an ability to absorb learning at its peak in his early childhood. We look to use this window of learning gainfully by adding skills and aptitude that are enduring and positive with lifelong values.

Broad spectrum in curriculum

The choice of a collective curriculum offers every parent to opt in to early foundation for their child. The comprehensive curriculum with varied options helps kids to port from one to another based on their learning speed and style helping kids individualize their learning styles. This flexibility ensure’s teachers the dual advantage of guiding early the kids aptitude and help tap their potential optimally.

Fully integrated infrastructure

Early Foundation is a storehouse of facilities necessary to creating learning environments for children. They offer a comprehensive set of inspired structure be it play areas, fully loaded sporting facilities, huge open spaces, spacious and well ventilated classrooms or other amenities inside a classroom like scientific authentic materials to ensure they stay motivated to observe and absorb new learning’s everyday

Trained and experienced teachers and staff

Early Foundation is a beehive of dedicated professional teachers’ passion driven to add their bit in a child’s development. The streams of teachers are open and flexible learning from the child and cross training to induce positive elements of different stream of thoughts for the child’s benefit. This multidisciplinary approach only enhances a leaning environments effectiveness aiding parents and children’s alike to understand and utilize the resources to its optimum.

High Parental involvement

Early Foundation insists on parental involvement in school activities to create a seamless learning environment across home and school. Parents are encouraged to understand the varied approaches with inductions formally outlining the approach and benefits. Visits to classroom in progress and parent teachers meetings and regular coordinates are part of building partners in progress of a child’s education while addressing concerns and issues and paving way for new initiatives.

Holistic development

Early Foundation has an edge with extracurricular activities as a focus area. The infrastructure lends itself to varied kind of work and play balance. Dramatics, Music, Dance is a highlight here. The school also conducts a talent hunt competition encouraging children to participate and motivating the true potentials to work wholesomely on their potential from an early age.

Easy Transitions and growth

The varied approach to early education is no longer a hindering factor for further studies at Early Foundation. The school with its flexible policy not only aids internal transfers, but works on creating a set pattern study to aid smooth transitions. To top it all, every graduate from Early Foundation moves at the junior campus in-house at NCFE.

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